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R.D. Mathis Company
P.O BOX 92916
Long Beach, Ca  90809-2916

Telephone (562) 426-7049
Fax (562) 595-0907


To contact us by email, please send your inquiry to the following:

  Catalog Request:  catalogs@rdmathis.com
  General info:  info@rdmathis.com
  Sales Dept.:  sales@rdmathis.com
  Place Orders:  orders@rdmathis.com
  Quotations:  quotes@rdmathis.com
  Order Status:  status@rdmathis.com
  Int'l Sales Inquiries:  intlsales@rdmathis.com
  Technical Support: tech@rdmathis.com
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Outside of the United States, please contact one of our sales representatives listed below by country:
Representatives     Country / Location  

Inland Europe                                            
B.P. 1 – Conflans-Sur-Lanterne
France  70800
Ph. 011 33 84498459
Fax 011 33 84498346

Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland    

Testbourne Ltd                                          
Unit C, The Loddon Centre
Wade Road
Hampshire, RG24 8FL, England
Tel: (011) +44 (0)1256 467055
Fax: (011)  +44 (0)1256 362955
Email: info@testbourne.com
Web: www.testbourne.com

England, North Ireland, South Ireland, Scotland, Wales  
P.O. Box 922273
Norcross, GA 30010-2273                         
Tel: 770/409-1499
Fax: 770/447-8045
e-mail: info@vinkarola.com
Web: www.vinkarola.com
India, Pakistan  

If you have questions, or would like more information on our products,
call or fax us - we would be happy to hear from you.

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Your best choice for quality hi-vacuum evaporation sources.
R.D. Mathis Company
Call Us:
P.O BOX 92916, Long Beach, Ca  90809-2916 Telephone (562) 426-7049 Fax (562) 595-0907