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Evaporation Source Selection Guide

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Evaporation Source Type

Process Conditions



Low Power

Med. Power 100-250 amps

High Power
>250 amps

Low Temp Materials

High Temp Materials
> 1,000°C

Corrosive Materials

Low Volume Coating

Medium Volume 1,000A° - 5,000A°

High Volume Coating

Reduce Particulates from Spitting

Tungsten Filament







Tungsten Point Source







Tungsten Basket







Alumina Coated Basket





Tungsten Basket Heater







Shielded Crucible Heater




Evaporation Boat




Folded Boat



Alumina Coated Boat




Baffled Box Sources




Shielded Baffled Box Sources




Micro-Electronic Sources







Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods






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This source selection guide is provided to help you determine which evaporation source type might fit you needs the best.



How to use the Guide:



1) Determine how much current your system power supply is capable of safely producing.



2) Establish the vapor temperature of the material(s) you plan on evaporating.



3) Estimate the coating thickness you will be attempting. With the information shown above, you can select which part types will best meet your needs.



The actual power required for each part number can be found on our website by clicking on the part number. As always, the R. D. Mathis company offers no charge technical support if you need further assistance in choosing the right evaporation source to make your thin film coating process a success.












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